One size does not fit all! 

Recently, I’ve come to realise exactly why I kept it private that I suffer with fibromyalgia. Although it did get to a point where I just had to tell people around me because I had deteriorated so much. But, I’ve got people coming up to me who are aged 50 upwards telling me they have it too and that they completely understand my frustrations. The problem I have with this is, yes I sympathise because it’s a horrible illness, but they’ve only had it a couple of years at most. I’ve already had it for 7 years, at least, and I’m 23.

A few weeks ago I ended up in a 2 hour group meeting about self help with fibromyalgia. The main point that they were stressing is that you have to say “goodbye” to your old life because it isn’t coming back. Well, I’m afraid that I just can’t accept that. If I did, I may as well retire and go to collect my pension cause I would be giving up on so much. My friends are all going out drinking, ice skating, shopping days, girly holidays, etc. But I can’t do any of that. How do I just accept that? It may sound like I’m in denial, but in very few cases, people with fibromyalgia get better. I need to be one of those few! I’m determined to be part of the positive rare or uncommon figures for once. 



Author: pandapopweb

I love writing & found that if I started a blog, I could get things off my chest while enjoying writing about it.

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