Today, thinking back, I had a bad day. I worked alone on a department that requires a minimum of 4 people to function properly, I had to deal with awkward people and a colleague was taken ill. However, I didn’t leave in a bad mood, and that is what is weird! 

I think that by knowing what I was walking into, I didn’t expect any more than what I got, so I wasn’t disappointed when no one came to help and I just dealt with it. Sometimes I think it’s worse when you don’t know what to expect from your day. 

Also, there were a few occasions were I helped people with things that are so small, but they meant so much. I love that feeling when you help someone and you can see that they genuinely appreciate what you’ve done. So many times I go above and beyond, only to be repaid with ignorance and arrogance. 

It kinda helps that it’s my day off tomorrow too! 😝



Author: pandapopweb

I love writing & found that if I started a blog, I could get things off my chest while enjoying writing about it.

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