Day two. 

I can’t believe I’ve actually remembered to do this post! So proud of myself right now. 

Anywayyy…. this is my second day using CBD oil and I’m still quite impressed. This morning when I woke up I could barely walk between my knees being in agony and my general pains/weakness caused by fibromyalgia. So, when I got downstairs I smoked some of the oil and later on I was able to move around a lot easier. It didn’t completely get rid of the pains but it really did improve the situation. 

Also, I’m not as sleepy now (I last smoked it around an hour ago) compared to yesterday. But, I think I may have the munchies haha. Time to get myself some healthy snacks in preparation, rather than the tube of pringles I’m sporting right now!

One thing I’m really impressed with is that my mood and my anxiety seems to be so different today. I’m doing things I’ve not done for years, like singing along in the car in silly voices and daft stuff like that. It’s as though a bit of the old me is finally creeping on a little. 

Right now, I’m struggling to see cause my eyes want to be asleep so I’ll leave today’s entry at that! 


Author: pandapopweb

I love writing & found that if I started a blog, I could get things off my chest while enjoying writing about it.

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